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GlobalRad is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation with a mission to improve the health of communities in developing countries and around the world with improved imaging technology.

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Accessible Digital X-Ray

Remote facilities in developing countries lack infrastructure, power requirements as well as the support and service capabilities for even basic x-ray systems, yet the need for radiography is significant for issues such as tuberculosis screening, trauma, and basic healthcare. GlobalRad has been actively involved in creating and testing a low-cost digital x-ray system that can be powered with any generator and utilized anywhere in the world.

The system uses a simple scintillator plate and a digital camera enclosed in a lightproof box that the user connects to a PC equipped with advanced image processing and storage capabilities. The system costs approximately a fifth of a standard x-ray detector. Additionally, GlobalRad provides engineering designs, setup instructions and internet-based support so an institution could build their own system if desired, enabling healthcare providers in any community to improve their standards of care.

Worldwide Teaching

GlobalRad also improves radiological education by enabling hospitals, universities, residents and other qualified individuals and institutions to view and collaborate on anonymous radiological cases through a web-based teaching file system, which is powered by Novarad’s industry-leading PACS system.

The system allows the uploading, categorization, and dynamic visualization of radiologic case material and is uniquely organized by anatomic location, pathologic category, specific organ system, and specific disease entity, allowing users to search by a host of different variables. For instance, GlobalRad’s teaching file system currently hosts approximately 60 cases of tuberculosis examples on chest x-rays which can be used in developing countries to train personnel that are unfamiliar with how to read these images. This system also supports the use of augmented reality in 3D imaging for training both surgeons and medical students in complex anatomy.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors directs the financing and management of the Foundation. Day to day activities are managed by the director. Members of the Board include representatives from foundations and individuals who have contributed to the success of GlobalRad.

Wendell Gibby, M.D.

Mr. Kyrt Nay

Gary M. Watts, M.D.

Kristine Buxton

GlobalRad was founded by neuroradiologist Dr. Wendell Gibby, CEO of Novarad Corporation in American Fork, Utah and Blue Rock Medical in Provo, Utah. Dr. Gibby was recently recognized for his humanitarian efforts by industry peers in the first annual Imaging Wire awards.